IceTV "Skippa" 3-tuner (6 recordings) Ad-skipping PVR in CLONTARF, Queensland for sale


Skippa 3-tuner PVR with ad-skipping and much more
The Skippa is an amazingly featured PVR made by IceTV. We got one as soon as it was released last year, but unfortunately the company then went broke and although they are trading again, they are not supporting the Skippa. So the buyer has to realize that although this machine works excellently, it is no longer being supported and you can only get basic technical help.
However it’s a great machine which I kept using from last August until now. It has triple tuner recording allow two recordings on each network, so you can record 6 shows at once across 3 networks. It sounds a lot, but it’s useful when you use the pre-and post-show padding, to make sure you catch the start and end of shows … which means that the recorders overlap for following shows.
This recorder is designed to be used with the IceTV app, which is a great service. You can be anywhere in the world and bring up the IceTV guide on your smartphone or PC and tell it to record an upcoming show- and the Skippa at home will record on cue.
I like the easy user interface of the system (much more user friendly than some other brands) and the speed of command responses and channel changing is the best I’ve used. Access to catch-up TV and Freeview is excellent too. I also really like the way it saves multiple episodes of a show in a folder automatically. The remote is well laid out and nice to hold. The ad skipping is great, and works fairly reliably.
The only things that are a problem (and would have been sorted out with software updates if they’d kept supporting it) are:
1) It doesn’t have a “Bookmarks” feature.
2) If you timeshift back, it won’t start recording from that position - it only records from current time.
3) It occasionally reboots for no apparent reason.
Despite these things I kept using it for months as I really like it, but I’ve now switched to a new machine as I want the bookmarks and time-shift recording.
It has so many features and capabilities I couldn’t list them all here. You can see all the details in the manual which is downloadable in pdf format: